Business Exchange group, master distributor of liquor Trading company having many years of experience in distribution and marketing of beverage alcohol products. We own a reputation of being fabulous premium distributor of world class liquor from fantastic manufactures from Spain, UK, Moldova, Ireland, Bulgaria, Mexico, Europe, Russia & Turkey. Our objective is to set up maximum foreign made foreign liquors in Indian states and We are here to change the Behavior of Indian Liquor consumption.

Subish Vasu

Chairman - Business Exchange Group

Set investment goals, now it is time to decide what you want to get out of investing. Invest early, the earlier you start investing, the better. But before you invest in something, invest in time to understand it. Investors can find themselves the victims of fraud when they don’t do enough due diligence or put too much faith in the people selling or managing a fund. The very first tip of investment is choosing a broad based investment platform. We all know that there are certain industries globally creates demand consistently . Health care, utilities, FMCG and SIN industries are least recession effected or even would benefit from a recession. SIN stock’s usually include alcohol and tobacco tend to thrive in recessions as per Investopedia reports. Basically these industries are always safe to invest by Knowing risk tolerance.so start now and start with broad-based investments.
” Before you invest in something Invest in time to understand it “

We understand the changing behaviour of Indian market and feeling pleasure to introduce special liquors which has not been introduced yet which will definitely steal your heart. Our manufactures have variety of liquor collections like ready to drink cocktails, Bourbon whiskey,hande made vodkas like Brandy's sparkling wines.


Every corner of the world is now introducing innovative alcoholic drinks, and Indian market is still aim to focus on Beer,Brandy,whiskey and vodka this is the reason why Indian Market is lacking behind in worldclass liqour and we are focusing to be one step ahead from the other markets as Foregin liquor are having really huge demand in India and we are here to help by importing and delivering of forgien liquor in affordable prices so that every single person of upper class and middle class can feel pleasure while consuming Foregin liquor. South Indian states are holding the largest market of liquor, they have the record collection in liquor sales from last five years which is increasing 14.8% per year. Kerala,karnataka,Andhra pradesh,tamil nadu,MP,Mumbai,West Bengal,Delhi,UP Telangana states amongst the largest market.